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Our Mission

To make a positive impact on the youth today, by teaching and implementing life skills, team skills, and building personal confidence.


Our Team


Marc Maye


Marc grew up in Compton, California and has seen many of his peers get involved in gangs and the street life. It was his support system that helped him realize that the fast route wasn’t the way to go. Marc stayed active in youth church and sport programs, for which he credits as the reason for not getting off track. Marc also recognizes his grandfather’s guidance as a deterrent. “Without his guidance, I really don’t know where I would be.”

Marc attended public schools in the Compton Unified School District from K to 12th grade. Marc gradated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, earning his bachelor's degree in kinesiology. He continued his education at Mount St. Mary’s College and received a master's degree in education and California teaching credentials. Marc now works at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School in Watts, CA where he serves as the assistant principal, athletic director, and master physical education teacher. He also serves as the coach for all of the school's athletic teams. Marc has a strong passion for what he does and that’s why he and Devan chose to start 4wrd Progress. They strive to give back to as many youth as possible.


Devan Terry


Devan grew up in south Los Angeles, California and like his business partner, Marc, he saw many of his peers succumb to gang involvement, violence, and drugs. He too fell victim to the lifestyle but with the consistent support from his mother he was able to break the relationship he had with the streets. Along with his mother's strong presence, Devan was involved in sports, after school programs, and was often encouraged to participate in summer programs. Without truly noticing, involvement in these activities allowed Devan to interact with positive role models that he would later emulate.

Devan attended and graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a bachelor of arts in sociology and minor in humanities in 2006. He has also been blessed to be a juvenile probation officer for the last 10 years. Devan has a strong love and passion for helping others and he chooses to use 4wrd Progess as a way to continue his service to those in need.


Kevian Holmes


Kevian grew up in south Los Angeles, California. Although he never got involved with gangs or drugs, many of his close friends did. Kevian had a fantastic support system that provided him with other alternatives. Kevian consistently participated in sports and church programs. These activities influenced Kevian's way of thinking. Kevian, like Devan and Marc, graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He earned his bachelor's degree in business administration in 2014.

Currently, Kevian is an insurance supervisor for the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA), where he is responsible for training and developing new employees. Kevian expresses that watching some of his close friends fall victim to gang violence and drugs is one of the main reasons why he chose to be a part of 4wrd Progress. "I want to be a positive reinforcement for the youth in my community. I want them to see and understand that if I can make it out, so can they!"   


LaToya Washington


LaToya was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California.  After graduating high school, she took a tumultuous leap and moved to Los Angeles to attend college at California State University, Dominguez Hills. LaToya graduated with a bachelor of science in criminal justice and psychology, as well as a minor in biology. LaToya is inspired by the magnitude of what education, structure, and dedication can do for anyone. 

LaToya works as a credentialed teacher for New Opportunities Charter School, inside a Los Angeles county detention facility, educating adults pursuing a high school diploma.

As a single mother, she continues to survive and thrive by instilling in her own son the importance of integrity, being a good role model, and perseverance. LaToya truly believes everyday can bring new skills, new experiences, and new exposure. 





Jerome Thomas


Jerome is a junior at Serra High School in Gardena, California.


Tionne Tisdale


Tionne graduated from Ánimo South Los Angeles Charter High School in 2017. He is currently a freshman at Irvine Valley College.